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Wood Burner Safety

    In the past few years local fire authorities have had to inform people of safety advice regarding using wood burning stoves, as their have been a rising number of fires related to bad installation, however this is only a small amount of homes. This increasing number of incidents has come about due to the large rise of fuel costs and the continuous recession, making us search for cheaper ways to heat our homes.

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    Wood Burning Stove Building Regulations

      The installation of wood-burning stoves and chimney systems must follow wood burning stove building regulations. The regulations are in place to guide the installer with the installation and system design of the wood burning stove. Part J of the regulation titled ‘Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems’ covers the installation of wood burning stoves. Document J contains 4 requirements that need to be met when installing wood burning stoves and chimney systems; these are J1, J2, J3, and J4.

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