How Much To Install A Wood Burner

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    How much to install a wood burner?


    You’ll need to either build or convert a chimney. The most important part of installing a wood stove is the flue vent. This should be designed for wood fuel appliances and must have sufficient air movement for the stove to operate properly. Existing chimneys can often be used by adding a flue liner.

    If you live in a smoke control area, you should fit a clean burn stove, which is approved for use.

    You’ll need to comply with safety and building regulations in particular, Part J of the Building Regulations and Part L related to conservation of fuel and power.

    Listed buildings or properties in areas of outstanding natural beauty need additional permission from the Local Authority Planning Department.

    Wood Burner Installation:

    A wood burning stove installed in a house with an existing chimney to heat one room involves dropping a steel tube lining down the existing chimney, fireproofing the hearth area and making good any plasterwork.

    Even the handiest of DIY enthusiasts should never undertake these works – hot fumes from a wood burner are a fire risk if the stove is not properly connected with the flue, or if the flue itself is incorrectly installed. Carbon monoxide fumes can cause suffocation, poisoning and death if they enter closed areas with poor ventilation.

    Brighton Wood Burners are fully HETAS and Defra accredited – so you’re in safe hands and can be sure that all legal safety measures and precautions are adhered to.

    Not only do we keep you safe and warm – we pride ourselves on attention to detail throughout the entire process, from consultation to installation – giving you practical advice from the outset – keeping mess to a minimum during install and making good to the highest possible standards…

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