Fireline Stoves

Fireline stoves incorporate advanced, patented
firebox combustion technology developed
exclusively in our own Telford laboratories which
results in very clean burning and highly efficient

Whether powered by wood, gas, electricity or
smokeless fuel, each unique stove design is
constructed from 100% British 3D CAD designs
using the latest CNC laser profiling and steel
production processes and the finest materials
coupled with exacting assembly standards.

Each product extensively utilises quality cast iron,
stainless steel, mild steel plate, ceramic glass, castable
refractories and high grade heat resistant coatings as
required to give you an incredibly strong and long
lasting product to rely on. All products are designed
and manufactured under independently assessed
ISO9001 quality and ISO14001 environmental
management system accreditations.

Fireline stoves are designed and engineered to be
extremely efficient and environmentally friendly. In
order to get the full potential and low emissions from
our stoves we only recommend using top-quality

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