Rais Stoves

Wood-burning stoves. Open fire place for the living room – call it a fireplace, wood-burning stove or heat source. Functionality, design and user-friendliness are keywords for all RAIS stoves. The warm centre of a living space and family, a RAIS wood stove is an elegant piece of furniture that makes your house a home as it fills it with comfortable warmth. Rais wood stoves combine functionality with a unique and contemporary design, which has been honoured with several international design awards. The stoves are developed with a convection system that distributes heat evenly across the main installation room and adjoining rooms. Rais wood stoves are efficient and clean burning to ensure optimal burning of wood, contributing to a lower heating bill. Our extensive range of Rais wood stoves and accessories can fulfil your special desires, are suitable for unique homes and blend comfortably with individual style.

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