Wood Burner Types – Brighton Wood Burners

    Once you’ve made the decision to efficiently heat your home with a wood burner – the next (not so easy) job, is deciding which of the many wood burner types to choose from…

    Wood Burner Types:

    • Freestanding – Wood burning stoves, or multi-fuel stoves with legs or a pedestal.
    • Inset – Exactly as it says, wood burners that are set into a wall
    • Boiler – Capable of producing central heating and hot water for domestic properties.
    • Traditional
    • Contemporary
    • Defra Approved For Smoke Controlled Areas – Required if you live in a ‘Smoke Control Area’.
    • Double Sided
    • Cook Top
    • Convector – Distributes the heat widely into the whole room

    Wood Burner Types – Considerations:

    What do you want your wood burner to do?

    • Wood burning stoves are commonly used to heat one room of the home. However, some can be connected to a boiler, to harness the stove’s energy and provide heat and hot water to the rest of the home.

    What type of fuel do you want to burn?

    • Wood being the obvious choice is a carbon-neutral fuel. Coal, being less environmentally friendly is also an option. However, the fuel to use may depend on what supply you have locally.

    Wood burning stove building regulations

    • All wood burning stoves must meet UK building regulations. These include flue fitting, hearth size, and the distance of your wood burner from combustibles.

    Brighton Wood Burners have been installing wood burning stoves throughout Sussex for nearly 10 years. We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to local property types – and are able to assist in selecting the best-suited requirement for maximum cosiness in your home.
    Whether it be a free-standing, an inset, traditional or contemporary, Brighton Wood Burner’s range of stunning wood burner types will provide more than enough choice.

    Not just sales and installation!

    We also help your wood burner performing to the best of its ability. Our maintenance packages not only keep your stove burning to its optimum level, they also ensure it meets the legal requirement of having your chimney swept at least once a year (twice for a 5”liner).

    We offer a free sweep and health check service for all new customers, which includes checking the stove assembly, camera inspection of the liner followed by a smoke test and we will even check the moisture content of your fuel.

    Struggling to choose which wood burner types are right for you? Let Brighton Wood Burners take the hassle away – and get in touch today on 01273 670762 for a free consultation.