Wood Burning Stoves For Sale

    Wood burning Stoves for Sale – Brighton Wood Burners

    Brighton Wood Burners is a new E-commerce website, predominately with wood burning stoves for sale. We have a select range of stoves including Broseley, Burley, Carron, Chilli Penguin, Mendip and Westfire.

    Nearly all of our stoves are selected for their English born heritage and exceptional efficiency. Director David Sibley is a Hetas registered stove installer and passionate about energy conservation. He has been working in the industry for approximately 10 years and during his time in the profession has come to realise the importance of saving energy. Consequently, he has a great understanding of the efficiency of wood burners compared to open fires.

    Wood Burning Stoves for Sale – Efficiency

    If everyone in England who had an open fire converted to wood burners, we would be using fewer trees for fuel and conserve Biomass.

    David decided to sell wood burning stoves so he could help his customers choose the right kind of stove to be fitted. This is something that can take the customer a long time to decide, due to the volume of wood burning stoves for sale on the market. So, for the layman it can be very time consuming and hard to know the right one to pick.

    If your knowledge about wood burners is limited, you may not choose the right one. As I found when getting my first wood burner, but through the right guidance and advice I now have the perfect burner.

    Wood Burning Stoves for Sale – Advice

    So, it is advisable to buy from an installer who knows and understands his customers needs. Our wood burning stoves for sale vary in style from the traditional to the contemporary, from the inserts to the free standing.

    I think you’ll find our website has more than a full range to choose from with very competitive prices and lots of different styles. I hope you will enjoy looking around our new website at the wood burners for sale and find the one that perfectly suits you and your home. Or you can pop into our new shop located in Brighton and get a real feel for our wood burning stoves for sale.