Wood Burning Stoves Sussex

    For many rural areas of Sussex, heating the home can not only be expensive, but also logistically difficult. Without a gas grid, people rely on liquid fuels such as oil or propane. However, many have been able to reduce the expense and logistical issues by installing wood burning stoves Sussex. With Sussex being a naturally densely wooded area – it also lends itself to being the perfect location for fuelling wood burning stoves.

    Wood Burning Stoves Sussex – Why a Wood Burner?

    Many rural and urban properties throughout Sussex already have open fireplaces, so why change to a wood burner? An open fireplace loses 80% of the heat produced up its chimney – and when not lit, an open fireplace chimney becomes the main contributor to heat loss in your home. Wood burning stoves however, reverse this issue with only 20% of the heat being lost up the chimney. Also the chimney is sealed to the rest of the room, further reducing potential heat loss.

    Wood Burning Stoves Sussex – Installation & Safety

    Installation is usually quick and unobtrusive, especially if a chimney is already in place. If not, a flue installation will be required for the wood burner. Brighton Wood Burners provide this service with minimal fuss and disruption.
    In addition to looking great, wood burning stoves Sussex are a far safer and cleaner option to that of an open fireplace. By closing the door, units are safe to leave unattended when you leave the house or go to bed. Wood burning stoves are known to be ‘at their best’ after an evening out in the cold winter weather, knowing that they have been safely keeping the chill off, awaiting your return.

    Wood Burning Stoves Sussex – Less fuss / More Heat

    Wood burning stoves Sussex are also a much cleaner alternative to an open fireplace. Simply remove the ‘ashtray’ when full and vacuum the air slots, and then wash the glass when cool.
    Wood burning stoves will burn wood of any type, be it logs that you’ve purchased, wood gathered when out on a walk, or an old tree in the garden you have cut down and chopped up. Wood burning stoves are not fussy. This makes them a lot cheaper to run than traditional heating systems that use gas or oil.

    Brighton Wood Burners take care of installation too from conception to completion, throughout Sussex and the surrounding counties. We are fully HETAS registered. To register with HETAS, a company must show that they are competent installers and agree to abide by best practice methodologies as well as only installing approved wood burning stoves.

    There is plenty of choice when looking for wood burning stoves Sussex. Many models are available to suit different needs. Some are bigger and will comfortably heat a sizeable room. Smaller models of wood burning stoves will suit the smaller cottage style properties. The choice is yours. Call us today and let us help you select the perfect burner for your home.