Wood Burning Stoves

How do Wood Burning Stoves work?

Wood Burning stoves are an established technology that have been in use for hundreds of years.  An open fire place will lose as much as 80% of the heat produced up the chimney. A wood burner however, traps heat inside its casing which then warms a room.  This equates to over three times as much heat from the wood you burn. Wood burners are also more controllable, with intakes for primary and secondary air that can be adjusted to how much heat they produce out and how quickly they burn your fuel. There is a huge variety of wood burning stoves available in todays market mplace, from established manufacturers in the UK, France and Scandinavia.  We can advise on which size is right for your room and help you choose the best type for your practical requirements. Some stoves are also approved by DEFRA for use in Smoke Control Areas so that you can still burn wood in the middle of a city!

How easy to fit?

Many older houses were built with a fireplace and chimneys in most rooms.  To fit a wood burning stove, it is necessary to remove the existing fireplace, ‘make good’ the opening and then install the wood burning stove.  We also carry out cosmetic work such as new slate hearths or oak mantels. We usually also fit a chimney liner to older properties which prevents condensation of wood gases that can cause damage to a chimney mortar and prevents leaking into upper rooms in the home.  This can sometimes require scaffolding to be erected which can be arranged if required. In more modern houses without a chimney, we can install a twin wall insulated chimney system made from stainless steel.  This not only looks good but also protects the fabric of the building from the heat of the flue gases.

How much do they cost?

The stove itself can cost from £300- to £2000- and upwards – depending on the make, model and size.  We charge in the region of £1500- plus VAT for a basic installation, including necessary building works and lining the chimney.  Any extra works are quoted as required.

How safe are they?

Wood burning stoves are extremely safe – safer than an open fire – as the fire itself is enclosed in an iron or steel box.  In addition, the risk of chimney fires is much lower when using a chimney liner that has been regularly cleaned and maintained.